Chicago, IL

Bio: Over the past four years, I've been in different places: the south suburbs of Illinois; northern Illinois just by Iowa; Denver, Colorado; Bemidji, Minnesota; and more recently, Barcelona, Spain. In the last week of October, I had no idea where I would be living: would I go more to Ohio with my parents? Try to stay in the south suburbs of Chicago or move to the city? Or would I try to live in Denver with my sister? The answer: none of the above. I got hired on the fly and was asked to move to the Twin Cities. Then I went full circle, to Ohio for a month and back to Chicago again. I'm seeing it with new eyes now that I'm living in the heart of Logan Square. I imagine I'll go to other parts of the world sooner or later. Imagine me on a plane, on a bus, or a hippie van if you will. This is one rooted writer waiting in transition for the next part of her life

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