Artist’s Way, Week 8 -Recovering a sense of strength

This week was very interesting for me. I had my first missed day of morning pages since I went out on a weekend trip and forgot. I then did pretty much all the activities on my road trip on Friday. I didn’t feel rushed, but the process for this week didn’t feel as spread out or impactful for each day. It is very interesting to me that the book mentions finding my “true north,” when over and over again in my artist’s prayer and exercises, I kept saying I wanted to find my northern star. This week asks you to consider long term goals, and break them up into micro-steps you can change now. The thing is, I ended up missing the one day I was going to involve myself in a writer’s workshop, and I haven’t really  tried a concrete step first, other than involving myself in the Artist’s Way and signing up for a “Source Course” (basically exploring your relationship with God or a higher power, and how that connects to your prosperity/creativity/etc.) I was also still managing to make the phone call and the exercises–although now in week 9 I am seriously lagging.

My list of twenty things I like to do definitely changed. I remember my last list was fairly generic-knitting, cooking, drawing, playing guitar, etc. This time I put things more romance related and more specific to me/relevant to my current stage in life. My interests include:

  • Try on and coordinate cute outfits (a newfound positive body image contributed to this)
  • Pet doggies
  • Walk through nature
  • Eat delicious vegan food
  • Doing thrilling things like rollercoasters or snowboarding
  • Feel and look pretty, confident and assertive

My artist’s date last week was a bit of a double dip, seeing as I counted my first visit to the Buddhist temple as visiting a spiritual place, and then coming back as the artist’s date. I also had accidentally done a few of the exercises before I even realized it (like wearing a favorite outfit), lighting incense, adding my mantra to my Source Course altar. This week was special since I went on a spontaneous trip to Minneapolis. This past Saturday,  I had enough time to drink the city’s best chai latte with my good friend Cameron. He accompanied me for a little while at the Minneapolis Institute of Art (aka MIA), but the next two hours or so were completely on my own, in my favorite art museum in the US that I know of (I’ve only experienced this one, Chicago, Columbus and Denver, so there might be more). I love how on the third floor they had time period rooms that I you can actually step inside of and experience. They also switch up their exhibits regularly and have the perfect amount of items from different countries.

I will also say I am very impressed that two days into week 8, I already created the prosperity we were meant to foster during week 7 (although that week I did manifest a hundred dollars worth at least of free transporation and food), via my job. Here I was banging my head against a wall, trying to get back money that was unjustly taken from me. It was only after I let go of it that prosperity finally manifested from a completely unexpected avenue, 5 times greater than what I had lost. It is amazing what things can happen when you’re willing to let go of what it looks like!


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