The Artist’s Way- Week One

–I am married to my writing, and the Artist’s Way is my marriage counseling

I bought the Artist’s Way three years ago in an effort to feel like I was doing something about my writing. After visiting a friend a couple weeks ago, I saw she had the same book and put it in her bag to read. It struck me at that moment that this was the motivation I had been waiting for–seeing a friend actually using it when I was not! Thus began my adventure of the Artist’s Way, with half a notebook filled with morning pages.

The first week was actually the easiest to dedicate myself to. I had already been getting up earlier to work out, so I set my alarm clock half an hour back and added in the morning pages. I got used to the flow of waking up, sleeping in ten more minutes, throwing on the lights, and setting pen to paper. I mostly complain about my life, record some dream work, and come up with a couple of good phrases, maybe one paragraph of fiction. Although I only wrote affirmations 2 of the 7 days, and after doing only a few activities earlier in the week, I shredded through most of them on Friday in a hurry. I ended the week with a whimsical “artist’s date” to the park, a place I haven’t been in years. It happened on the best possible day–a  day I was determined to  be sad and stay indoors all day. Instead, the Artist’s Way got me to go out into the sunshine and listen to the laughter of children while I was in a heavy mood about my future. After receiving an encouraging call from my mother, I decided to go on the swing, even though I was clearly too old for it. No one said anything and I had a nice nostalgic sense of rocking my feelings through. I was about to end it here, and decided to walk around the track that encircled the baseball field. I noticed the runners and other walkers like myself, including an old man and a couple of friends.

As I encircled the track, I began to feel a little better. I felt free in a way I never could at work–like I could just walk and walk in the sunshine and no one would say a thing no matter how long I spent. The sun lifted my spirit and I felt I was in a safe haven, as though I was back in my hometown and far from the city. The moments I spend where I don’t feel like I am in the city are my favorite. As I turned round the bend, I decided to go two more times. I discovered a couple of feathers on the ground, and made a wish on a milkweed wisp. I felt adventurous enough to go on a walk and come back. In all, my artist’s day and my walk took two hours. I felt like I accomplished so much more with my day, and still had time to eat, write, and meditate.






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