Jumbotron Twinsies!

April 26, 2015 marks day two of Laura and Zoe’s adventures! We didn’t have many plans besides C2E2 and the concert on Monday, so Laura went ahead and secured us tickets to the Sox game. While not the biggest fan of baseball myself, I agreed it was the perfect activity for Sunday.

After agreeing to meet up with a friend and former coworker that morning, we made the mistake of staying up until 5 in the morning at the Owl. Combined we are quite the party animals and I live by the philosophy “No Sleep ‘Til Brooklyn.” We had to postpone our gathering at Lula’s Cafe by half an hour because our eyes were burning, but it ended up being a pleasant reunion. It was crazy to hear Kristine had moved to Chicago in December like I did, especially since she was in Minnesota and I had originally planned to stay in Ohio. Yet there we were. When we were waiting for seats at the bar, I said: “This better be worth it,” to which a lady adamantly replied “It is.” I kept to a simple fruit bowl and green tea while the girls ordered brunch and we got caught up! From there we paid the bill, and Laura and I headed straight to the Sox game.

Our seats pretty quickly got overtaken by the shade, and we kept moving over into the sunlight until we were on the complete opposite end of the stadium. We hadn’t even planned to have matching shades, but it worked perfectly that way, and we both wore black and white of course. Eyes still burning, we half-heartedly did the wave along with everyone else and talked shop and Minnesota. I thought she was talking about someone she knew when she raised her hands to the screen, “Did you see that??” But I missed the memo. We were on the Jumbotron!!! That made for quite a day. I was happy to see the Sox caught up to the Royals and we ended up winning and having fireworks at the end. Excited as we were, after a long weekend we agreed to sleep as soon as we got home (read: seven thirty) since we had a big Chicago day ahead of us.


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