C2E2- Be Prepared!

As a recap, from April 18th-21st, I went to Ohio for Mom’s birthday and swung back on the 21st for a mental health charity event. 

After a full weekend and a shot of vodka the night before, there was no way I wanted to go back to work. On the bright side, I only had to go for two days. That’s because that Friday commenced C2E2 (short for Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo). I spent Wednesday and Thursday night preparing for my cosplay. Initially I wanted to be Isabel from “Saga,” but I decided to work with what I already had, and ended up going as a very different character: Prince Robot TV IV.

Prince Robot IV- Saga

Prince Robot IV- Saga

It took me six dollars and six hours to make this TV head, with little more than 4 baking sheets, aluminum foil and tape, two cardboard boxes, and a plastic lid. The most difficult part was creating enough space for me to be able to breathe, and creating a silver neck out of baking sheets to counterbalance the weight of the TV head. It felt like a science experiment with lots of trial and error. I got the same high making it as I did out of working on my story.

I was even happier that people recognized me and wanted to take pictures with me. It was a strange, pseudo-celebrity like experience. Sadly I missed the first round of panels/medieval sword fighting in the costume preparation, but it was well worth the effort. I was also proud of myself for not leaving things to the last minute as I so often do. Working an extra day on it in advance really gave me the time I need to make adjustments.

When I first walked into McCormick place, I felt in awe in that large space, amid other cosplayers with large metallic arms, leather suits and dresses from a variety of comics, films, and games. I actually had to ask what floor I was on so that I could meet up with Lindsay, long time friend and artist collaborator. I was most interested in the Friday panels, and wanted to use the day to take notes and learn from the leading experts in the industry. Lindsay was luckily of the same mindset.

Tips for C2E2 

  • General
    • bring snacks and water
    • consider whether your cosplay is compatible with public transportation (I realized late in the game there was no way my TV head was going to survive the train, so I grabbed a cab)
    • bring charger for phone (this was my lifesaver)
    • bring charged camera (I sadly forgot to charge mine)
  • Artists/Writers
    • bring notebook (you’re paying to hear advice from people already in the industry, take advantage!)
    • bring business cards (Lindsay was on her game here; me not so much)
    • network!

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