Columbus Downtown!

April 20, 2014 – First full day in Ohio of the trip. I lost most of my Saturday traveling, so we decided to plan the next two days. Sunday was Columbus day; Monday would be shopping day with Mom.

And of course, what is a good trip without further complications? We thought this time I would finally get to see the Thurber House, and Dad confirmed online it was open. The view outside was promising; a misty day with flowers sprouting outside the quaint but lovely old style house that belonged to American author and humorist James Grover Thurber. The door was shut. We rang the bell, knocked, and even went around to the back door but all we were able to do in the end was to cut through the stone garden. Our only backup plan was the Rose Garden, on the opposite side of the city. But of course, no trip to Columbus is complete without going to the German village.

And any visit to the German Village is not complete without going to the Book Loft. Comprised of 32 different rooms and two floors, the bookstore has a bit of a magical exploratory feel to it, and even has maps posted throughout so you don’t get lost. Different music plays for different themes; for example nature music in the nature room. Although this time most of it was Celtic. We started in the same room, in the garden section–Mom likes flowers, I was researching purple flower types and symbolic meanings for my short story. As usual, we quickly split up–Mom stayed on the first floor and Dad and I went straight for the fiction section. I was looking for classics like the Iliad for research, which Dad said he had already. I ended up picking out a book on sale for 5 dollars called “Locos,” a meta-fictional novel where the characters take control of the story. It was one of the first of its kind, written in 1928. I recognized it from Dad’s library, but I wanted it for myself since I no longer live with my parents and can’t just borrow a book from his library. Mom found a seven dollar self-help book, and even Dad got a lead for a book that he decided to research online first. He is very selective with his fiction.

On the way out of the city, Dad spotted a Turkish shop.

“STOP THE CAR,” I shouted in my excitement.

“Now?” He asked.

“Yes now, when’s the next time I’m going to be in Columbus? Let’s go right now,” I said with conviction.

Enough conviction that he decided to go along with it on a rainy day, luckily. He went around in circles looking for a parking spot, enough so that we had to retrace our steps and walk several blocks in what we vaguely thought was the direction. Mom walked on the opposite side of the street. Dad and I found it right when we were about to give up, and called to Mom to join us. I was amazed. Who would have thought, a Turkish shop right in the middle of Columbus? I felt like I was in Spain again, looking at the evil eye trinkets and jewelry, the hand embroidered Turkish boots, bags, and even lamps. In the end I gravitated towards the sales section (go figure) and found handmade Turkish sneakers for 25 dollars! It was a bit of trial and error since normally I’m a size 38 or 39, and most of the shoes were either 37 or 40. I ended up finding a 37 that actually fit, with gold thread vines and red canaries. They were the most beautiful pair I had ever seen, comparable only to the Moroccan slippers I found in Granada, Spain.


Reanimated by our discovery of the Turkish shop, we decided to venture out to the Rose Garden. Since it wasn’t rose season, Dad said he didn’t think we were going to see any roses. He was right. The library nearby was neat, as was the park, but there weren’t really any flowers. Dad circled around the park just to make sure, before driving through Short North on the way home. I was glad we still made something out of our day even though it wasn’t sunny any more, and smiled, beaming as I held my Turkish shoes. I didn’t even realize the red canaries on them until then, and even discovered golden peacocks on the side.

The night ended peacefully. Mom and I watched the end of the “Muppets go to Manhattan,” while Peluche watched over us. I had once threatened to adopt Kermit so I thought he was monitoring us, but he seemed pretty content so he might have just been watching along. Mom wanted to meditate together to an Indian chant cd she got at the library. Peluche ended up sitting between us sphinx style, closing his eyes and meditating right along with us. We were tired after along day. I felt sad that I already only had one day left in Ohio, but felt I made the right decision in coming there.



      1. I don’t know about he Book Loft, but he said Columbus is known for its used book stores and apparently you can find lots of out of print and rare books there. That’s pretty cool if you like the hunt.

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