Substitute Princess- Korean Drama

+++I love Korean dramas on Netflix. Every now and then I’ll find one so addictive I have to pull a few all night marathons. The one that drew my eye this time is called “Substitute Princess,” aka “King Flower.”

+++The dramas I like have a main theme: a hard working, positive girl thrown into a rags to riches situation, with two guys vying over her, and family and friends who support her in spite of their economic struggles.

+++Jin Da Hua, the main female character, starts out an ugly duckling who has always liked her older brother. He is protective of her but does not reciprocate romantically. Her father gambled away 2 million, and the family has to sell off their grocery store. Meanwhile Terry, a public figure, must keep his fiancee’s accident a secret. He winds up offering Da Hua 2 million to get plastic surgery and stand in for her. Although the circumstances center around money, it quickly becomes about Da Hua’s loyalty- to her family and to Terry. Her persona matures, her affections are torn and begin to grow. Ultimately she learns what it is to be completely appreciated for who she is and what she does, even when she is unsure of her direction.

+++I like this story because  Da Hua remains true to herself, hard working, persevering, and loyal. She does not forget her values after experiencing a rags to riches change in lifestyle, although she matures and learns the difficulties of the corporate world. This is a common female protagonist in other dramas such as “Flowers over Boys.” These girls keep their head up and a smile on their faces that encourages me to persevere in the same way. I start to smile at work, the grocery store, and greet people with the same infectious attitude, These girls stay loyal to their friends and family even as they grow and develop a new love. Of course life would be more exciting as a Korean drama, but in the meantime  I’ll let Da Hua’s infectious character to continue to take over me.


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